Westbeth North Light: detail of Wallpaper and Envelope Drawing
Pencil on Paper over Pigment Print on Laminate
2 Piece Knit Outfit in Bank Statement Pattern
Cotton Knit printed with Bank Statement Pattern
detail of 2 Piece Oufit
Chrome Mid Century Chair with Security Envelope Weathering
Westbeth North Light, Corner View
Mixed Media using Security Envelope Patterns
12' x 17' x 4'
detail of plant and wallpaper made from security patterns
Plant, Soil, Floor and Wallpaper in a variety of Security Patterns
each pattern was selected to emulate the object it redefines
Cap with Insurance Bill Lining
Cotton Printed with Security Envelopes
Tatami Matts in Security Envelope Patterns
Westbeth North Light
Mixed Media using Security Patterns
12 x 17 x 4'